History of Hungarian Psychology
The History of the Hungarian Psychological Society and the Hungarian Psychological Review

In our country, there were relatively few psychologist-researchers, about whom the international scientific community took notice, if at all. But often they were not known as Hungarians due to the use of foreign (german) language in publications. herefore, for decades, a dream has been simmering among the workers of Hungarian psychology, which surfaces here and there: to launch a Hungarian journal of psychology.”

(Boda, 1928, 99.)

About the exhibition

The emergence of national psychological societies and professional journals had a significant impact on the development of psychology. In Hungary, the Magyar Pszichlógiai Társaság (Hungarian Psychological Society) was established on February 24, 1928, and in the same year, the Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle (Hungarian Psychological Review) was published for the first time, which played a defining role in the history of Hungarian psychology. The exhibition showcases the history of the Hungarian Psychological Review and the Hungarian Psychological Society, which publishes the journal, and provides an overview of their role in the development of psychology in Hungary.


The exhibition is the work of Györgyi Balla and Ágnes Szokolszky.

Establishment of the Society and the Review

Functioning in the 1930s

Two decades of difficulties and silence

Return in the 1960s

The Society and the Review after the fall of state socialism, and today