History of Hungarian Psychology

,,Non omnis moriar…” – Pál Ranschburg

Though Pál Ranschburg was not born in Budapest, he spent most of his life between 1889, when he started university, and his death in 1945, in Budapest. During this memorial walk, we mark some important sites of Ranschburg’s life in Budapest and give a short description about the importance and the history of each place.

The memorial walk was organized by András Áron Horváth, Ágnes Hildegard Ranschburg and Ágnes Szokolszky.

Important sites in Budapest related to Pál Ranschburg:

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9th district 26 Üllői Road.

Hungarian Royal University of Sciences, Faculty of Medicine


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8th district 2 Gyulai Pál Street

St. Rókus Hospital


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8th district, 6 Mosonyi Street

Hungarian Royal Laboratory of Special Education and Psychology

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6th district, 77 Vörösmarty Street

The Freemason headquarters in Vörösmarty Street


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13th district, 27-31 Révész Street 27-31.

The Révész Street Military Hospital


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61/a Krisztina Bld.

The building and chapel of the Social Mission Association


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14-16 Szövetség Street

Gróf Apponyi Albert Polyclinic


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8th district 5 Rákóczi Street

Hotel Pannónia


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5th district Hild Square

A memorial plaque at his last home


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