History of Hungarian Psychology
Background in History


History is summarized below in five major periods between the birth of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867) and the fall of state socialism (1989). The summary is twofold: In each period a general background of major historical events is described, and under separate sections, the development of psychology in Hungary is described. The contextualized view of the history of psychology is especially important since political-historical events deeply and directly influenced the situation of psychology in Hungary.

I. Keeping pace with the times, in the framework of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
II. The situation after the First World War and during the Soviet Republic
III. Stabilization and growth in the 1920s, and a new crisis in the 1930s
IV. The narrowing space: Shift to the extreme right and the Second World War
V. Ups and downs: Psychology before, during, and after state socialism

Author: History of psychology – Ágnes Szokolszky
Author: General history – Benjámin Fellegi